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To provide businesses with access to vital information needed for growth, expansion and accessing new markets.

Information brought to you by you. Our sources, as well as our members, in these countries try to find you the latest news in business. Not the latest from the stock exchange. News you can really use. Who is doing what, where. What are businesses around the world doing to cope with the competition. Not the giant conglomerates, although we do mention them at times, but the average business. The down to earth folks who are attempting to build the next giant conglomerate. How to cut out the middle man and build your profits. Yes, sometimes it really is cheaper to buy from a distributor rather than from the manufacturer.

To minimize distance, language and cultural barriers between businesses around the world.

Sometimes we forget the obvious. While you will have access to global information about the best way to travel, who to see, hotels and restaurants from around the world recommended by people who live in these countries . . .   what about across the street? Do you live in an area where there are different ethnic groups? Would you like to attract them to your business? Have you ever thought about having a web page in their language? You can, you know. Just supply the text in your language and we do the rest for you.

Monthly updated list distributed among members around the world.

This is a list of new members and news you can use from around the world. What's happening in your neighbourhood. What's happening around the world in the markets you are interested in from your own sources! Your brother and sister members.

Annual book or CD with description of the member's business, address, products, services and discounts offered to members distributed among members and potential customers around the world.

This is an annual record of a "who's who" in GBP. It holds news of the past year as well as future projections. Hopefully many of you will write some stories about your own business. Perhaps marketing ideas that have worked for you, or not worked, for that matter. The basic concept of GBP is that we can build a true Global Partnership. That is, members helping members to grow. Counting on one another for tips and tricks of the business trade. We can all use a bit of help from time to time. We hope to open up our members to the resources and ideas of each other. In essence, a global source of ideas for all. We also shall be opening a chat room, in the near future, for all members to jump in and pass some ideas around or just get to know one another.

Access to information globally

Giving members access to specialized professional services, including translators and interpreters in the country of their interest. Our branch managers can even give you a tour of their cities as only a resident can. Off the beaten track, if you will.

You may optionally have us help you set up your business in any country by using one of our native agents who know all the government rules and the costs involved. Where to and how to is no longer a problem. You know you will need accomodations, but we won't let you overlook the obvious like phone and internet setup. All costs and fees are spelled out for you before you take the leap.

Listing in annual book or CD (1 quarter page) - name, description, address, product/ service, discount - sent to every member and used for promotion

Not only is this information given to members, but it is distributed to select businesses around the globe. Putting your name in front of the international business world.

Opportunity to present your business, products or services at quarterly member meetings

Business card exchanges that you actually have an option to speak at. Building your business in the presence of other members who already know who you are and what you do.

Access to our database

Information about services, government programs, government links, business related information, regulations, translators, lawyers, accommodations in countries where our branches are established. Don't travel blind. Get what you need to know before you go. And get a helping hand once you arrive.

Membership card

Each member has a membership card issued to them that can be used as identification to all fellow members. And it guarantees discounts on their products or services anywhere in the world.

Retail Membership card (coming soon)

Retail customers in your shop can also buy a retail version of the GBP card. You have the option of honoring it at a 10% discount in your retail outlets. This card is good only for discounts from participating members and has none of the other benefits business members enjoy. This can very well draw many more customers into your shop. You, and other business members, will be able to sell them the card. You get a commission on each card you sell and you don't even have to wait for it. You deduct your commission from the sale and send us the proceeds.

Gift shop(coming soon)

Shopping at Internet giftshop for discounts. What about that product that you have too many of? Want to sell it in volume just to move it? Sell it here. Not everyone may have too many! The gift shop will also have an spot in our members only area. If you have a massive amount of overstock or discontinued items, you may want to consider giving other members a chance to bid on it before you decide to just dump it and take a real loss.

Introductory 6 month incentive program

For every new business member introduced to the GBP you will get a $50 (CAD) bonus toward your next year's membership.

To help businesses market on a local and/or global level and provide potential customers with information about their business, products and services.
You may optionally have us help you set up your business in any country by using one of our native agents who know all the government rules and the costs involved. Where to and how to is no longer a problem.

Since you are reading this, obviously you are already on the Internet. But do you have a web page? Let's face it, every company should have one. If you do, that's great. You are one step ahead of the competition. Or, in this day and age, in step with them.

But do you really have time to do it justice? Simply having a page and being able to add an internet address to your advertising is quite prestigious. Well worth your time to do one or have one made for you. And once you do have one, what then? Your business should improve with the added prestige of adding it to all you ads and business cards.

But what about the web page itself? What else can it do for you? Can you register it so people can find it even if they never heard of you? Will other business people notice you finally? Sure, you can attract more customers with it, but did you know you can also make money with it? Have you ever thought of selling an ad on your page? And if you did, can you make the graphics required to have that ad placed on your page? GBP can. Having a web page address is only half the battle.

And by the way, if you are reading this at a friend's home or business and don't own a computer, you don't need one to have a web page. We have quite a few customers who don't own computers.

It has been said that a business that ignores the Internet
is a business that will soon be out of business.

     Would you like . . .

Not too long ago, we thought that being on 'the Web' was a novelty. Not any more! It is rapidly becoming a necessity. The Internet is transforming how we communicate and how we do business. You think television was big? You haven't seen anything yet!

Why should you get on-line? What opportunities are here now? Well for starters...

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