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Basic Rate Sheet

Note: These basic rates are for work done for sites other than our regular clients and/or members.
Obviously a package deal on a whole site design would be priced accordingly..
(Since the US does not charge taxes on any internet services, there are no taxes for our Canadian clients.)
Custom Web Page Design Per Page $150 $225 Per Page
Custom Web Site Design Design Per Order $85 $130 Hourly
Web Page Registration Registration of web page with over 600 search engines $100 $145 One Time
Translation of Free Web Page Any additional language version of the free web page $75 $115 One Time
Web Page coding HTML coding of pre-designed layout (hard copy, electronic form, e-mail, fax) in English language $90 $135 One Time
Additional Web Page coding HTML coding of additional pre-designed layout (hard copy, electronic form, e-mail, fax) in English language $75 $115 Per page
Foreign Language coding Translation and HTML coding of existing web page into any language listed (call for quote on any not listed) $0.20 $0.30 Per Word
Graphic banner design Design of web ready banner custom made to your specs $25 $35 Per Piece
Animated banner Standard banner (above) with additional frames for animation effect (per frame) $5 $8 Per Frame
Other Design Elements Image maps, Forms, Javascript, CGI, Perl, Flash and other complex web design elements Call/email for quote
E-book Covers Graphic design for your downloadable Electronic Book From $35 $49 Per graphic

Languages: Czech, Slovak, Russian, German, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Spanish.
*Prices are subject to change without notice. Some prices may be discounted to members of GBP, CCRCC & CNACC
Prices are considered "general" to give an idea of your cost. They are by no means final prices.
They can be either more or less depending on your web sites size and complexity

Rates on Starter Packages

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