Care and feeding of your brand spanking new virus.
  1. Since 90% of Email viruses only attack Microsoft outlook, be sure you never use any other Email program.
  2. Set your Email program to use HTML when sending and receiving Email. It's much easier to receive a virus this way.
  3. Never send huge files to your friends. Some ISP's have as little as a 2mb limit, so if you fill up their mail box, the poor virii end up bouncing back. (Not to mention that they may have important Email bouncing as well)
  4. Always open Email attachments.
  5. Never, never install virus software.
  6. If you do install virus software in error, never ever update it.
  7. Never run a complete system scan for viruses. (You may disturb one)
  8. If you find a virus, do nothing. (Virii are lazy. If you disturb it, it may not work)
  9. Your virus needs to food to thrive.
  10. Feed your virus quality programs. (Poor quality programs are not nutritious)
  11. Feed your virus very important data. (Same reason as above)
  12. Be kind to your virus, infect all your friends by doing nothing.
  13. If you get a notice from someone saying you gave them a virus, smile... you have helped your virus have little ones! Please forward this link to them so they too can get the most out of their new friends.
And remember!
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