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You know we say you can customize virtually any product. But just how? Getting lost? Yes I know it can be confusing. But once you get the hang of it you'll be customizing all kinds of stuff. And no, you don't have to take anything you customize. Just play with it. Have fun. And if you do create something you like you can order it. Or not. Up to you.

CustomizingSo you Like the design but not the shirt it's on? Simply select a Different Shirt Style or even a sweat shirt or hoodie. Different color? Select that too.
Don't forget to check the size!

(And yes, you can do this with virtually any product. Not just shirts)


(Yes, you can add your own picture as well!)

Change the styleYou'll see tons of different styles for men, women, kids, n' babies. Once you pick your product, just click on the style you'd like and the preview will change to that design with the new shirt you chose. Still don't like it? Change it again.

Placing the designWhen you click on CUSTOMIZE you will find you can move the design around and re-size it. We "usually" place a design at the largest size for the print area and generally they are placed at the horizontal position. If you click on "horizontal", vertical will pretty much center it on the shirt. Pocket will place it in the pocket area.

re-sizing the designThe arrows allow you to move it up down or sideways. The magnifying glasses allow you to make it bigger (if it's not already as big as it can be) or smaller. Heck, you can even rotate it with the curved arrows so it's sideways or upside down. Really great for those parties you're at where you stand on your head a lot!

Adding textThe Add text button allows you to add any text you want. Your name, your Lodge, maybe your title or whatever. However, if the graphic design is too big, you may have to reduce it's size a bit. Once you add the text you can re-size it and move it up or down to suit your taste.

Font Selection Once the text is set where you want it you can also change the font style and size. Just remember that some fonts are bigger than others so you may have to move the design and/or the text around or make it smaller or bigger.

Modify This picture shows the text modify area where you can resize it or move it around. If you want to play with the graphic just click on the graphic icon.

Made a mistake or want to change the text or size of the design? If you want to modify the text or the graphic just click on change text to change it or on the design to move it around or re-size it.

You can go back and forth between text and design to get them just where you want them. Even add more text if you like.


Final maybe

Like so? Maybe kinda sorta or whatever. You're the boss! Do it to it! Your only limit is your own imagination.
Fantastic way to waste a good part of the day playing and putting your designing skills to work. Have a blast! It's a great way to get rid of those tensions that creep up on us with the day to day mini disasters we all suffer from now and then.
(Well, ok, in my case it's pretty much hourly and now and again, but I digress)

Ha Ha
Or get real silly. (Yes I have a strange imagination, but you already knew that)

Broke GoatOr how about maybe... (Somebody stop me!)

Now, if you'd like the design on the back as well, simply click on edit, then copy. Then click on the back view and go to edit - paste and you have the design (and/or text) on the other side. If you only want it on the back, just go back to the front design and delete it.

And a note on Calendars!!! YES! You can change the date. If it's March and you hate to buy a calendar that wastes those two months... change the start date to March! Then it ends in February of the following year. No need to ever buy an out dated calendar again!

Simply choose customize it
Then choose your style size and color
Then you'll see Date style and options and you can edit the date (among other things!) there. It's as simple as that.

So that's pretty much it. You can use this process for pretty much all the products. Just because a design is on a certain mug doesn't mean you can't have it on a different style mug, stein, frosted mug or whatever. And even if you don't want something right now, it's fun to play with the designer and come up with all kinds of custom ideas for yourself or friends. But if you think you "might" want to get it, don't forget to click add to cart. Still don't have to order it but it will stay there and wait for you if you decide you do want it. But most of all... have fun playing!

Oh, and want to change the background color of something? Just hit edit and down at the bottom you'll see... background color. :)
Custom background color
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