Have a Masonic retail store?

Would like to order in volume for your store? Simply email us (masonicshop@gbp.net) and we'll send a link to some sample wholesale products.

Then send us a list of items you would like to order along with any customization you would like. We'll build a new private store with special pricing just for you that only you will have access to.

Ordering one sample is permitted, however we would request you keep orders to a minimum of six items, mix or match. We reserve the right to close the store at any time if the minimum is not met.

Prices are, of course, subject to change. However when ordering prices are locked in. Any current sales you may see also apply so it would pay to check back often.

If you wish, we can also send links to some of our other non-Masonic stores where you can choose from thousands of other products as well.

Sorry, nothing we can do about applicable taxes. All products go through a third party so it's pretty complicated. Orders require payment upon ordering but the 30 day no questions asked return policy still stands. Shipping cost varies with products.