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Seasons Greetings from RTJ
(Note: Retired items may be recalled in lots of 25)
(Lapel pins are generally $6.99, Ornaments are $10.99)
Fire Figher Ornament
Firefigher Ornament
Order #441-O
Price: $10.99
Santa Grotto Pin
Santa Grotto Pin
Order #438p
Uses for ornaments? Dare to be different!
Can you think of more?
  • Ornaments for the tree
  • Stocking stuffers
  • Window shade pulls
  • Hang one from the rear view mirror
  • Key fob
  • An extension for that ceiling fan pull
  • Hang one from the wine bottle you bring
    to that dinner/party invitation
Masonic Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath Pin
Order # 439p
Price: $6.99
Masonic Snowflake Christmas Ornament
Snowflake Ornament
Oorder #442-O
Price: $10.99
Mrs Claus Pin
Mrs. Claus OES Pin
Order #435p
Price: $6.99
Snow flake
Snowflake lapel
Order # 437p
Price: $6.99
Police Mason
Police Ornament
Order #443o
Lamp of light Christmas Wreath
Wreath & lamp pin
Order #447p
Widow's Son Bikers
Widow's Son Ornament
Order #444o
He Ain't Heavy Ornament
He ain't Heavy Ornament
Order #440-O
Masonic Christmas Tree
Xmas Tree
Order 434p
Price $6.99
Masonic Yellow Ribbon Ornament
Till they all come home
Order # 432O
Price: $10.99
OES Yellow Ribbon Ornament
Till they all come home
OES Ornament
Order #433O
Price: $10.99

Christmas 2007 Coin
Christmas Coin 2007
Order # 431C
Price: $11.99
2006 Christmas Coin Christmas Coin 2006
Order # 429HC
Price: $11.99
Masonic Candy S&C Candy Cane Pin
Order #427p
Price: $6.99
Brother Frosty the Snowman


Brother Frosty Pin
Order #430p
Price: $6.99

Christmas 2005 2005 Christmas Coin
Order #422HO
Price: $11.99
Santa Mason

Santa Mason Pin
Order # 428p
Price: $6.99


Texas Texas Ornament
Order # 425HO
Price: $11.99
Lantern Lapel Lantern Lapel Pin:
Let There Be Light
Order # 423HP
Price: $6.99
Note: A few of the 2004 Christmas Coins are available to those who did not get one last year
t-MC123xmas.jpg - 3427 Bytes Christmas Coin 2004
Order # 421HC
Price: $11.99
Wreath Lapel Christma Wreath
Lapel Pin
Order #424HP
Price: $6.99

More Christmas Lapel Pins & Ornaments
t-OESXmas.jpg - 3953 Bytes OES Ornament
Order # 411H0 OES
Price: $10.99
t-LanternO.jpg - 2485 Bytes Let There Be Light
Order # 409H0
Price: $10.99
Happy Holidays! - Choose from Gold, Silver or UGLE

Pewter Wreath
Gold, Silver or UGLE
Order # 403H0

t-SleighO.jpg - 7731 Bytes Pewter Sleigh
Order # 407H0
Price: $11.99
t-USMC-SC.jpg - 4168 Bytes USMC
Order # 413H0
Price: $11.99
t-ChristmasO.jpg - 2503 Bytes Hiram's Christmas
Order # 410H0
Sleigh Lapel Pin Sleigh Lapel Pin
Order # 406HP
Price: $6.99

t-H20.jpg - 2967 Bytes Pewter Stained Window
Order # 420H0
Price: $10.99
t-H19--SC-L.jpg - 6949 Bytes Santa Mason
Order # 419H0
Price: $10.99
t-H18RA.jpg - 8251 Bytes Royal Arch
Order # 418H0
Price: $10.99
t-H17-dov.jpg - 7701 Bytes Peace Dove
Order # 417H0
Price: $10.99
t-H14-Dove-SC.jpg - 9779 Bytes Dove of Peace Lapel
Order # 414HP
Price: $6.99
t-H15-OES.jpg - 8480 Bytes OES Lapel
Order # 415HP
Price: $6.99

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