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IMPORTANT... All graphics here are either created by us from scratch or reworked (modified). If you see any ot these graphics anywhere, they came from us. You are welcome to use anything you find here on your site, but please. brothers... govern yourselves accordingly. All graphics here are copyrighted. Just let us know (via our feedback form) you would like to use (web sites only, not to be printed) one and we'll send it to you. In fact, we'll size it for you so you won't have to play with it. Let us know where you will be using it and give credit where credit is due! That is, a note saying some graphic(s) courtesy The Masonic Shop. You may post a link on a graphics site to this page, but please do NOT post the graphics themselves. If you let us know you are using something, we'll put your Lodge name here. If you don't, you're breaking the law! Thank you.

   (You will find these designs on some T-shirts, coffee mugs and steins in The Masonic Shops Military Section)

Created by GMO
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IRAQgmo.gif AFGHANgmo.gif POWwargmo.gif woundedWgmo.gif
The Vet Remember The Fallen The GI Those Lost - Firefighers Wounded Warriors - Lest we forget
EMT Freemason
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