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Thank you for stopping by. No, this site has nothing to do with GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) or any sort of genetics. GMO is just us. No genetics have been altered in any way. (Even though some may like to) But, before going on here, I'd like to explain myself a bit if I may. I started out a while back developing pages for some friends. After some time, I began being referred to as the "barefoot shoemaker". Spending more time making "shoes" for others and having no time for my own "shoes".

Well, this page is a rather feeble attempt at "shoeing" myself. I say feeble because I really don't have the time to spend on it. So many shoes... so little time! Suffice to say, that this page really needs some *massive* overhauling and perhaps one day I'll get to it. Then again... maybe not.

You might ask, why on earth is virtually every page here different than the last one? Most sites pick a theme and stick to it. Well, you''re absolutely right. You should never change formats from page to page. It's only done here to give you an idea of different things you can do.

Note: I said you can do. We are no longer taking on new clients. We are pretty much at our limits right now. But if you need work, check back now and then and if we get an opening we'll make a note of it right here.

Has Someone Seen You Today?  © GMO
Since GMO Web Design & Maintenance has hundreds of published pages out there and clients in the USA, Canada, Austria, The Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. We must be doing something right. Let me give you some thoughts on what it may be. (Yes, from "I" it has become "we". I can only make so many shoes by myself.) Of course, since the USA doesn't charge any taxes on internet services, there is no tax to clients outside the USA. I'm sure that doesn't hurt either!

We specialize in business pages. That is, no fancy preservatives that can be hazardous to your businesses' health. We just don't like frames. We use Java, Javascript, DHTML, ActiveX, etc., when we have to. Not just because we can.

Let's face it. Clutter is your worst enemy. If you want a fancy personal home page, now that's another story. I suggest using "fancy" coding there. After all, you're out to impress your friends with all the bells and whistles you can muster up! Perhaps some Flash?

Besides, your friends probably have the latest browsers and can see what is there. Oh, did I mention that older browsers can't read the newer coding? Did I mention that the same page looks different in another browser? But your friends are probably not going to buy something from your page. Business depends on it!

So, if it's going to sell something, it's got to get in front of your customers eyes as quickly as possible. They won't wait forever for your page to download when they can just stop it and go to a quicker site. Let's face it. If you are in business and that business is what puts the food on your table, what would you rather? Someone calling you to tell you what a great and fancy site you have? Or would you rather have them call you with an order? Or worse yet, what if you get a call and the customer says he can't read your page? What do you do? Call him an idiot and tell him to upgrade his software so he can? Yeah, right!
Ok, all that being said, let me point out the most overlooked concept by businesses without an internet presence. You don't need a computer to be on the internet, obviously. But your potential customers do NOT need a computer to place trust in you either. Since most businesses today have a web address and place it in their advertising, the newer generation of consumers wonder why you don't. Times have changed. Not only does it add prestige to your business, it adds the concept that you are reliable, stable and trustworthy. Add to the fact that it is by far the cheapest form of advertising money can buy, today's business really can't afford not to have a web site.

The real power of the internet is it's ability to instantly provide consumers with information about your business, your products, your services, your business hours, your staff.

Hopefully, these few words will help you on your way to building your web site. Once it is done though, do you know how to use it to your advantage? After all, you can't just expect to put a page up and have your company become an instant success.

Does your web developer know how to market it? Can they tell you how to do what and when and why? You have to know how to work with them; they have to know how to work with you. The Internet is a whole different ballpark. It's not a cut and dried process. It requires work and know-how. If you have the know-how, it will work for you. If not, you really need a developer who has that know-how.

In other words... If your developer does NOT include registering your site with search engines at least monthly... it's time for a change. That is part of any decent developers package. If they don't care if you succeed, why should you choose them? No, you should NOT have to sign up with all these companies that "guarantee" you will be number one in all the search engines.

Submitting your site should be automatic. That's why you pay monthly fees. If you aren't, well... they just set you up and walk away with your money. And yes, you just wasted all you spent on it no matter what you paid. Remember, you get what you pay for, but you need to know what you are paying for.

We have done sites for companies all over the the world. With the Internet...why do you need to stay local? Why not take advantage of e-mail, fax, and phone to get the best website you can for your money.

So, to sum it all up in a nutshell... Whether you build your page yourself, hire someone else to do it or use us, I hope we gave you some insight as to how it   "should"   be done. The only thing you have to do now is do it! Want more insight? Continue on to our sample pages.

If your needs include an International presence, you have come to the right place.
We have native translators to develop web pages in American and Canadian English (Yes Mom, there is a difference),
as well as Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish and French.
Can you translate in other languages? Email us. We may be able to use you!

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