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International Information – Sources – Contacts – Products

Our Database contains thousands of contacts from many countries. Including manufacturers, retailers, auto dealers, nurses, garages, construction companies, trucking companies and many, many more categories. If you can't find who or what you need... We do the searching for your business. Language barrier? We translate for you.
Although it may look as though we are just another web design company, that is not what we are about. Yes, members do get a free web page (if they wish), but that is only a small part of the benefits we offer them. Some of our members already had a web page before joining. So why join you ask?

Note: Memberships are limited and are currently filled.
If you would care to be put on our waiting list, please Email gbp@gbp.net


  • To help all businesses market efficiently on a local and/or global level and provide potential customers with information about their business, products and services

  • To provide small businesses with access to vital information needed for growth, expansion and accessing new markets

  • To minimize distance, language and cultural barriers between businesses around the world


CD Rom
Annual Member Catalogue with monthly updates

  • Monthly updated list distributed among members around the world
  • Annual book or CD with description of the member's business, address, products, services and discounts offered to members distributed among members and potential customers around the world
  • Publishing Internet web page with listing in the Business Directory under category or city with live link to own web page or e-mail address
Discount exchange

Membership card that entitles every GBP member to discounts on products or services of other members around the world

Access to information globally

Giving members access to specialized professional services, including translators and interpreters in the country of their interest

Included with your membership:

  • Free web page hosted on our server at no extra charge
  • Link to your own web page (either on your own server or on our server)
  • Link to your e-mail address
  • Free registration of the web ad with 50 search engines
  • Listing on the GBP business Internet pages
     under category
     under city
  • Monthly updates of members sent to every member
  • Listing in annual book or CD (1 quarter page) – name, description, address, product/ service, discount – sent to every member and used for promotion
  • Opportunity to present your business, products or services at quarterly member meetings
  • Access to our database (information about services, government programs, government links, business related information, regulations, translators, lawyers, accommodations in countries where our branches are established)
  • Membership card accepted by every member that guarantees discounts on their products or services around the globe.
  • Shopping in the GBP Internet gift shop at deeply discounted prices
  • Password to "members only" page
Additional services offered:

  • Web page design and maintenance (Your choice of English, Czech, Slovak, German, French, Russian, or Hungarian Language)
  • Web page hosting
  • Web page advertising
  • Advertising in the monthly bulletin (members only)
  • Advertising in the annual partnership book (members only)
  • Registration of your web page with over 600 search engines
  • Option to sell merchandise in the GBP Internet gift shop
  • E-mail address on the GBP server


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International News Papers WORLD NEWS

The World Wide Clock

Current time and date in any country!

For those of you not interested in joining at this time...

It doesn't matter if you don't have a website. All you need is a business anywhere in the world. GBP will list your business and up to 200 characters about your business or organization absolutely FREE of charge, including a link to your web page (if you have one). Learn why we are offering this free service and fill out our free Listing form here. (Foreign language translation optional) Adult oriented ads, MLM schemes will not be accepted.

"The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers." - Thomas Jefferson

"The best time to consult a roadmap is earlier."- Anonymous

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